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Thames Gateway is planning to build 340 houses on greenbelt land along the Aveley Bypass. By doing this they will be building over Court Farm Livery and making all the horses homeless, and seriously affecting the greenbelt wild life.

Court Farm Livery has been running for over 40 years, providing generations of horse lovers a place to home their horses. Over the years the farm has provided horse riding lessons, show grounds and a place for children of the community to come and learn how to interact with the animals on this land. Turning Aveley village into a Town and taking away the beautiful views that the neighbouring houses once paid to have to leave them looking out onto a housing estate instead.

The Aveley bypass was originally built to stop the flow of traffic going through the village. This will no longer be the case and it will create havoc with the traffic flow.

Please sign our petition to stop the planning permission being given on this site.


Here is a link to all the planning and official survey documents

Planning Permission

A press release had been sent by local resident to various media contacts to try and raise the profile of Aveley  and to help save our green belt

Peaceful protest to take place on Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th October.  meeting at 9.30 in Park Lane Aveley by Court Farm livery Stables.


To try and publicise this event we would ask that you send texts to the following numbers so we can raise the profile of our protest. Text

Help Aveley villagers protest at greenbelt build 10 am – 2pm Sat 3rd & Sun 4th Oct. Q’s to Amanda 07917037188


BBC News  Studio text:

07718 242424


Sky News Studio Text:



Mirror Text:

MIRROR   07921 688476